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Type of Business with Small Capital Promising And Profitable

A business opportunity with a small capital that is very profitable and a business that promises great income, suitable for beginners who want to be successful in pioneering entrepreneurship, of course, cannot be separated from the way or your strategy in determining the target consumers that must be targeted precisely.

A quick look at the growth of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Indonesia currently has an important role, and has contributed significantly to the country’s economy and development.

So that the form of business opportunity and business that is most suitable for small capital owners should prioritize creativity, because it aims to keep them able to compete in the current global economic era and even into the future.

Moving in the field of small businesses, it would be better if you already have a truly accurate market, so that businesses that are pioneered can be faster to achieve goals precisely.

Armed with a very minimal business capital can be likened to a fisherman who has only a few bait, but they must try to attract the attention of many fish in waters that are so broad and full of competition with other anglers.
Various examples of small business opportunities that are suitable for minimal capital owners

The following are 9 examples of forms of small businesses or small businesses that can be used as material for analysis and a source of business inspiration, maybe there is a match with the situation and conditions where you are.

#1 Running an online business by building a web or blog

Today’s online business opportunities can be said to be the most potential in the future considering that internet users in the world will continue to grow every day.

Everyone has become so familiar with the internet for various purposes ranging from just looking for information, entertainment, to running a business and business.

Even today there have been many that prove that the online world can make a fantastic source of income to get money from the internet with capital that is not too large.

In Indonesia alone, not a few bloggers who already earn up to tens of millions of rupiah per month only from managing a blog or online store.

The way to make blogs and the web as a source of income is through several methods including:

Running CPC advertising programs, CPM to CPA
Join the affiliate program
Selling your own products (online shop)
Advertorial ad (review content) or guest post

Building a blog should have its own domain so that the brand being managed becomes more professional, especially for an online store brand.

#2 Business chocolate drinks and fruit juices

Currently there are many beverage outlets offering special menus for various types of cold or warm drinks with a chocolate sensation that is varied with cheese, jam, or various other toppings.

Likewise with small outlets that provide a variety of fruit juice drinks at very affordable prices in the pockets of school children.

Many small capital businesses like this are also run with a franchise or franchise system and are very potential if you can find the right and strategic location such as in the school area or tourist area.

But not a few also those who successfully run this business by renting a place in front of a supermarket or around other shopping areas.