Complete Winding Solutions winders are used in Cast Rilm, Blown Film, Bubble Film, and Foam extrusion proces es. CWB has the experience and know-how to provide the right solution. We have designed solutions for slippery, tacky, and even extremely thin specialty films, CWS continually keeps abreast with industry leadling engineering practices. Our high performance winders are built for a4/7 operation and come complete with advanced self
iagnostios. Whatever your challenge is, the CWS team will provide you with the right solution CWS is the first to deliver a turret winder capable of winding foam from 1/32 inches to 5/8 inches thick in core or coreless mode with tapeless web trans We also have introduced into production our stack turret winder for streteh tilm with tapeles web transfer. It runs in line and delivers multiple rolls without any bleed trim.

Single and Stacked Turret Winders
Web Widths: up to
Line Speeds: up to 1,300 feet per minute
Roll Diameter: up to 40 inches
up to 114 inches
Surface Winders
Web Widths:
Line Speeds
Roll Diameter:
up to 310 inches
up to 8oo feet per minute
up to 60 inches
Turret Winders
Line Speeds:
Roll Diameter:
up to 118 inches
up to 400 feet per minute
up to 8o inches
Pony Roll Winders (Shaftless and Coreless)
Web Widths:
Cycle Time
Roll Diameter:
up to 64 inches
4 seconds
up to 12 inches
NOTE: CWS offers a complete system for airshaft loading and roll unloading